Test Tube Baby in Pakistan

There are many misconceptions that are circulating around about the term test tube baby in Pakistan for a very long time. Some of them will be debated and explained here:

A Test Tube is Being Utilized

The word Test Tube Babies might be taken by some as the babies being born through the use of test tubes as the name indicates but, the reality is something else. It is never the test tubes that were used in the procedure because, from the very start, the only laboratory apparatus being used is a Petri dish for the purpose of fertilizing the sperm and the egg.

Test Tube Baby in Pakistan
Test Tube Baby

After Fertilization the Embryo Remains in the Test Tube

Some might think that not only the fertilization takes place in a laboratory setting by using artificial methods but also the embryo is kept in a test tube for a long time to be nourished there but that is not the case. Because in this technique, the egg and the sperm are being only fertilized by Assisted Reproductive Technologies and then after fertilization has taken place, the embryo is safely placed back in the uterus of the mother for further nourishment.

Difference Between IVF and Test Tube Babies in Pakistan

Majority of the population thinks that Test Tube Baby is different from In Vitro Fertilization IVF but in the actual scenario, these both are the same. test tube baby in Pakistan is an uncomplicated expression used for the baby who is born via IVF it can also be said as Test Tube Baby is a non-scientific term and IVF baby is a scientific term and there is not a single difference that exists between them.

Test Tube Baby are at High Risk

It is perceived that the babies born with the help of Assisted Reproductive technologies like IVF and ICSI are at high risk of developing health problems and some might believe that these babies have some neurological problems because of the method that is employed for their conception. Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center assures you that these babies are as healthy as the babies born through natural conception. You can visit our center for more information about Test tube baby in Pakistan as we have served many infertile couples who have lost their hope. It is a dream comes true for these couple and is a safe choice.

Process of Test Tube Baby in Pakistan

The procedure involves in the formation of Test Tube Baby includes the following steps:

  1. The female partner of the couple is put on the ovulation induction medication to ensure ovulation.
  2. The ovum is then retrieved from ovaries of the female by the gynecologist.
  3. Sample of semen is requested to be provided by the male partner of the couple.
  4. Then ovum is then fertilized by the sperm in a Petri dish
  5. After fertilization, with catheter fertilized embryo is transferred back to the uterus of the female for the rest of the nourishment.
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Test Tube Baby