About ICSI and ICSI Cost in Pakistan

It is reported that infertility has prevailed 22% in Pakistan. As its prevalence has skyrocketed over the past few decades, its treatment must also be advance as well to tackle this problem. One of the treatments is Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection ICSI.  Most of the people consider infertility is only related to female but males too encounter many infertility problems such as low sperm count, low motility rate and poor morphology of sperms. ICSI deals mainly with the male infertility as when sperms are not able to fertilize an egg by the natural method so the embryologist in Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center injects sperm by the means of the custom-made needle into the center of the egg or into the cytoplasm of the egg to enhance the probability of fertilization which otherwise is very low.



ICSI is most commonly designed for sperm related disorders but IVF is for treating infertility in both of the genders.IVF is not as much of insidious as ICSI is because IVF involves less inclusion of artificial method for sperm entering in the egg but in ICSI sperm is artificially injected into the egg to ensure fertilization. Moreover, ICSI is a part of the IVF process which is not always performed during the procedure but when the cause of infertility is defected sperms, we need to do ICSI. But it is not always the case, sometimes to get higher success rate of fertilization ICSI performed along with IVF as it minimize the uncertainty of fertilization might not happen.

ICSI Cost in Pakistan is Higher than IVF

If IVF is seem expensive then ICSI cost is far more expensive than IVF because more advanced and specialized micromanipulation equipment and tools like microscopes and needles are being used in this treatment as accuracy is what is needed the most. But Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center facilitates you with an economical and less expensive price package as compared to the ICSI cost in Pakistan.

Process of ICSI

Process of ICSI includes several steps like giving ovulation induction to the female to induce ovulation then there is the need to retrieve the egg after ovulation takes place. After that the healthy sperm is delicately injected into the cytoplasm of egg with the help of advanced technologies like custom-made needles, inverted microscopes and many more to fertilize the egg. When eggs gets fertilized it is then placed back to the female uterus for a healthy and successful pregnancy. All these technologies, tools and methods involve here increase the ICSI cost in Pakistan.

Risks of ICSI

There are many myths circulating around which state that if you undergo any of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies like IVF and ICSI, the health of the couple or the embryo may be compromised or the process involve will be too hectic to be carried on. But these are air bubbles and nothing more than that. ICSI and IVF are the safe options for gratifying your wish of parenthood. 

ICSI Cost in Pakistan

11000 +

Babies Born

15 +


100 +

Combined IVF Experience

35 +

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