Effective Islamic Ways to Get Pregnant & Conceive Easily with Dua

Pregnancy is a blessing because it brings a beautiful and long life with it. A child is always the most wanted wish for every married couple. 

Miracles are always on their way for those who have faith in Allah. In fact, hopelessness is not even permitted in Islam. So in this article, I’m going to tell you all about the Islamic ways to get pregnant faster In sha Allah.

The long-awaited topic for most married couples is here. So let’s dive straight into it.

Islamic Ways to Get Pregnant Faster


The procedure to get pregnant according to Islamic teachings is as follows.

Planning the size of your family. The very first step before trying to conceive is to decide your next child’s future. According to the current economic conditions of each household, this step is the most important one. 

Religious rules allow couples to decide whether they want another baby or their first child. It is because Islam gives you the right to conceive a baby or not. But you cannot abort a baby once it is conceived because then, it is considered murder of the baby, which you have to answer hereafter.

Eating well to be ready for it


Eating well is one of the most important factors that make you ready for birth. There’s a misconception that only the mother should eat healthily and triggering food. Fathers should also eat healthy food. Even though the Islamic scholars may not be Doctors or nutritionists but they give instructions based on the religious advice that is given in the books.

The food that you eat recommended by an allopathic doctor will also have these items in it. Hence, the food is listed below.

  • Pomegranate
  •  Chicory
  •  Quince
  •  Qawoot

According to the religious books, we have found that many SAHABAH (RA) have said that eating these fruits helps to make the baby beautiful, healthy, and strong.

Pomegranate and Chicory

When you decide to intimate, the night that it happens, if the father eats pomegranate and chicory, it will increase the sperm count. Also, the sperm will likely become strong and healthy enough to fertilize the female egg after asking the dua to get pregnant.


Similarly, if the mother of the desired child eats quince on the night of conception it will help to make the baby’s face beautiful. Quince also lets the pure sperms fertilize the egg as it is the best fruit for this desire after Dua and wazifa.


Qawoot is not a fruit but a mixture of many types of seeds and nuts. It is best eaten in a powder state where all the ingredients are mixed well.

Qawoot should be eaten by both, the mother and the father because it helps both of them to make a baby fast. If you can’t find Qawoot, because most of the part of the world doesn’t have it and people don’t even know about it, you can eat pistachios and almonds. 

These nuts are like the substitute for Qawoot which still helps you strengthen your reproductive system and get pregnant in Islam.

Staying in a Relaxed State of Mind

Keeping yourself relaxed is a blessing on its own and it becomes an essential part of your life if you are trying to conceive a child. Therefore, try to stay relaxed as much as possible and do not take stressed or become angry about anything at all or make dua to get pregnant fast. 

This instruction is for both; the mother and the father who want to become parents because it affects both of them and eventually the baby. It can make your baby’s health, especially mental health, too bad or worst if you keep stressing out about small issues. It doesn’t really matter if it’s the father or mother who stresses out, you both have to stay away from it along with praying to Allah that May Allah Grant us a Healthy Baby, Ameen!

(2) “Those who have faith and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah (SWT); Look! The hearts find rest in Allah’s (SWT) remembrance!” (Surah Ar-Ra’d: Ayah 28) (2)


Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Each Other


According to modern science and the over 1400 years old religion Islam, a husband, and wife should have a strong bond between them. And the bond means both types of bonds like the physical and mental bonds. They must show love to each other in whatever way they like to do it. There should be physical affection towards each other between them. You cannot fear, worry, or tease each other as it will have very effects on your child. The child can be very moody, and short-tempered, and even in the worst-case scenario, it can have mental issues. So beware and stay calm around each other as well as wives should take it even more seriously and the men should support them by all means.

Making Wudu

According to a Hadith, making Wudu brings relaxation and rest to your body. A relaxed and well-rested body has good blood flow and oxygen circulation in the veins. Therefore, as it is important that you stay stress-free, you should make wudu. Also, as wudu cleans you from the inside and the outside therefore you should not wait for instructions and stay in your wudu all the time. But when you are getting ready for the night, you must make wudu as it will help your body relax and even feel positive. The relaxed body produces great sperm and even the count increases so be intimate in wudu.

Protecting your Child from Shaytan is to your Benefit

Many people think that being intimate is an obscene act, so they can’t participate in religious activities. On the contrary, Islam tells Muslims that every married couple should recite Quran before getting close. They should recite “Ta’awwuz” before it happens and then recite “Tasmiah” before starting to mating. It is not a sin, in fact, a pure act of worship so you can do this all the remember ALLAH before coupling.

It is important that if you want your child to be protected from shaytan and you want your child to not have his attributes, you should recite all of this. Also, make a specific Dua before making a relationship so that ALLAH blesses you with a pious and beautiful child.

Doing it at the Right Time

Islam has a reason behind everything happening around it. Some reasons we can figure out and some are hidden from us on purpose. Similarly, we have found some best times for copulation and the reasons why these are the best times. The timings are as follows.


  •     Sunday Night: Having love on this night makes your baby all the great attributes and it will be a gift for you.
  •     Monday Night: lovemaking on this night makes your baby’s heart soft and merciful, and the baby will have a great mouth smell.
  •     Wednesday Night: Having love on this night will make your baby a great scholar of the religion when he/she grows up.
  •     During the day of Thursday: Making relationships during the day time of Thursday will protect your child from shaytan because Shaytan cannot go near children at this time.
  •     During the night of Thursday: Thursday night is also a great time because it makes your baby more towards a preacher or the reciter.
  •     During the day of Friday: Making love after Asr or Isha on Friday is another best time to conceive a baby, After praying to Ya Allah Almighty! I am trying to get pregnant for a few months 
  •     Ramadan’s first night
  •     Late during the night: Making love late during the night is also beneficial in many ways because it’s the time when your body is completely relaxed and you have nothing in your stomach. Therefore, according to scholars, your child will be intelligent if you do so.

Do not do it at the Wrong Time

Since there are the right times to conceive a baby, there are wrong times to conceive as well. You just have to not do it when it’s any of the below-mentioned times.


  •     Right before going on a journey or coming back from a journey because your body is not ready yet. You are always unrelaxed and your body is either stressed or exhausted, so don’t do it close to these times.
  •     You should not do it until it is more than an hour of you both lying in the night. Because your stomach is usually full at that time and you are exhausted because of the day’s chores.

Makruh Acts that you Shouldn’t Do During the Intercourse

  •     Speaking
  •     Doing it in the open area directly under sunlight
  •     Without covering your bodies (Not from each other but keeping a sheet to cover is good)
  •     Not making wudu before the action
  •     Doing it on the rooftop
  •     Wishing for someone else while doing it with your spouse

Haram times to intercourse for the child

  •     When the mother’s menstrual cycle has started
  •     During Ihram
  •     During Nifaas
  •     When it harms anyone of them both; the father or the mother



Ultimately, it is important to understand how to get pregnant faster with Islamic methods, as well as to use the prayers and duas that come with them. When these methods are combined with positive intentions and faith, they can lead to a successful and healthy pregnancy for both believers and non-believers. When such a blessing is given as a new life, we should always remember to be grateful to Allah. It is also wise to remain humble in the face of all of life’s blessings.