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It is heart-wrenching when you are unable to have your child even after trying so hard and for so long. What makes it worse is people judging you and passing demeaning remarks to you. As the famous saying “every dark night is followed by a bright day” things can also be changed by the help of advanced and specialized Assisted Reproductive technologies like Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection ICSIoffered by the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center which is one of its best kinds. ICSI is performed when it is impossible for sperm to reach the egg by the natural way. To tackle this problem, sperms are injected directly into the cytoplasm of the egg to fertilize it. Custom-made needle is used to inject the sperm into the center of the egg as there is no place for any mistake. Ultrasound is performed to assess the procedure. There are many ICSI Success stories that we cannot have a track now. Numbers of infertile couples came to us with hopeless faces but after getting conceived through ICSI, they were on the seventh cloud. Many couples who had years of subfertility, got the desired results by ICSI. We are continuously incorporating advanced technologies to make our services even better with the intension to help couples who have no other way. Number of our ICSI Success Stories is multiplying because of the efforts we put in to make your wish of parenthood come true.

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